Kohistan Enclave

Providing a unique living area where end users (inhabitants) will get maximum comforts. Lavish living style, accessible, sufficient recreational facilities, safe/secure, along with sports, basic health, religious & communal facilities.

Overall and individual units' beauty has been correlated for excellent aesthetics of the whole town.

The whole town would have harmonized aesthetics, incorporated with regional, cultural and historical elements.

Maximum & smooth pedestrian and vehicular flow has been provided. Individual units will be placed to attain maximum sun visibility, facilities, accessibilities and less development / construction cost.

A systemic interrelated sewerage and drainage system will be set up along with best hygienic water supply solutions to all the housing and other units. Underground electricity has been proposed with advanced provision of under ground cavity for future or any additional water supply, telephone lines, Cable etc or other future technologies to all the units. This will be the unique distinction of the town and this would eliminate destruction of paved areas, roads and streets.